Medialink Group Limited (Stock Code: 2230.HK) is a leading intellectual property (IP) management company headquartered in Hong Kong, with business in China, Japan and Southeast Asia, actively promoting cultural exchanges through its IP, bring high-quality entertainment to the whole of Asia.

Founded in 1994, its business mainly focuses on content distribution and brand licensing, and is also involved in content production, distribution arrangements and animation product development. The Group invests and cooperates closely with media content licensors to distribute media content related to animation, variety shows, TV dramas, animated and live-action movies. At the same time, it also obtains copyright licensing from various brand licensors in the Asia-Pacific region, including merchandising rights and location-based entertainment rights and promotion rights.

The Group has its own animation brand, its various Ani-One® YouTube channels (including Ani-One® Asia which is Asia-focused, Ani-One® 中文官方頻道which is run in Chinese, and other South East Asia channels – Ani-One® Thailand, Ani-One® Philippines and Ani-One® Vietnam) have more than 5 million subscribers and more than 980 million views. In addition, the Group also has its own e-commerce platform Ani-Mall®, selling animation products and exclusive anime boutique.